Common Accidents That Lead To Leg Disabilities

29/05/2014 15:01
“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art"

A great artist once said that, and it is a firm proof of a medical exigency pertaining to the maintenance of healthy feet. Giving care to our feet is important. The artist is emphasizing that it was our feet rather than our brains that first distinguished us from other species within the animal kingdom. Supposedly, the role that our feet have played in the evolution of civilization should not be forgotten. But of the marvelous things our feet have brought into our lives, it is sad to think that oftentimes, it is overlooked by many. 

Leg disability is one of the factors why some people nowadays are stolen with the privilege to experience a lot of great things in life. Indeed it is painful if you can't walk. You are deprived of visiting the wonders of the world by your own might. Your life of being independent is decremented. And as you face the days of using health care supplies and equipment, then you realize that life is different than before. 

Here are common accidents which will hopefully remind you to take good care of your precious feet.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle is one popular medium of accidents. It comprises injuries, puncture wounds, ruptured tendons, torn ligaments, muscle strains, joint sprains and even more broken, fractured, shattered, or dislocated bones. Road rash is a popular term for stubborn, reckless drivers. Worst cases of motorcycle accidents, aside from death is losing feet.

Running Over Heavy Objects

This usually happens at workplaces, agricultural, industrial and warehouses. It is when objects rush over and impacts the foot that makes feet swell with indescribable pain, resulting to foot compartment syndrome. You foot is composed of many small compartments filled with nerves, tendons and muscles lined by a tight membrane. When meeting injuries, often your feet bleeds in the muscle tissue which makes the foot swell and expand. Because the membrane is tight, it's capacity could hold limited amount of expansion. If it is forced, the muscles swell inside the compartment and will result to excessive blood flow in and out of the small compartments. As the pressure also increases, the nerves and muscles begin to squeeze and suddenly cease functioning correctly.

Twisting Of Foot

There are times you mistakenly step on your foot and feel pain. You may think it's just a simple pain but the violent injuries you may incur from it are as violent as falling and both work and car accidents. Mind you, it is not simple. Injuries inflicted by this occurrence are called metatarsal fractures. Most cases of these injuries require surgeries. If you become its victim, you will be inserted with screws in your dislocated foot bones for your optimum healing. If you don't undergo surgery, a boot or a cast is used for your recovery. Eight to ten weeks will take you to heal your fractured bones. For a more guaranteed restoration of your feet, surgery is more advised. It will only take you with a maximum of six weeks with a removable boot for the next four weeks. 

Recovery is what injured persons pray for. Nevertheless, the health care industry is always there for them. It will provide health care products and equipments for proper care. Medical suppliers are everywhere in case of injuries and emergencies. Whenever you need some sources to find equipments, there are a lot in the internet such as which will provide you with quality products particularly for disabled legs. But to avoid getting injured, it's so much better to be aware and to take great cautions. Happy living!